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LaDanian Tomlinson Defends Mark Sanchez In ESPN Interview

New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson joined ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown Sunday morning, and talked with reporter Suzy Kolber about the turmoil surrounding the team which stemmed from anonymous comments said about quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Tomlinson said that to call Sanchez 'lazy' isn't accurate because Sanchez works very hard. However, Tomlinson did admit that maybe the Jets may need to bring in some competition to push him.

"I think with all of us, as athletes, we play our best when we are pushed," said Tomlinson. "Competition brings that out of us. Mark hasn't had that competition to push him. I do think, he would be a better player if he had somebody to push him."

When asked about where all these comments about Sanchez are coming from, he said::

'I think that where this is coming from," said Tomlinson was asked about what could have spurred on the comments, "(is) some of the disconnect that happened throughout the year. Maybe, some of the arguments that you guys heard about throughout the year.

"There's always locker room tension between guys. I mean lets face it, you have 53 guys with strong personalities you're not always going to get a long with each other, but you do have to respect each other."

When asked why he think players decided to say something Tomlinson answered:

"I think it happened because of the losses that we had toward the end of the season and once that starts happening you get guys that come out to the media, saying things that they're not happy about certain situation. And, so, that's the issue here. You have guys anonymous that are saying things that are bringing this team down and you can't have that."

Tomlinson will be come a free agent in the 2012 offseason and is still pondering retirement.

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