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Nick Mangold Defends Mark Sanchez

New York Jets center Nick Mangold has come to the defense of his quarterback, Mark Sanchez. A report which cited anonymous Jets players and members of the organization came out earlier today in the New York Daily News that characterized Sanchez as 'lazy'. Some of those unnamed players called for the team to acquire Peyton Manning and get rid of Sanchez.

Mangold said during a radio interview with 1050 ESPN that he thought criticism of Sanchez' work ethic was off-base.

"That's the thing that really bothered me about the article," Mangold said. "It was saying that he was lazy and didn't put the work in, felt complacent. It couldn't be more further from the truth. The guy puts in more work and more time, cares more about the team than anybody else in that locker room. For someone to come out and say that and not put their name behind it really bothered me." (via New York Post)

Mangold also said he was comfortable having Sanchez as his quarterback going forward.

"Mark Sanchez is my guy," Mangold said. "He's the one I want to go into battle with. I wouldn't be too keen to see that being changed."

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