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Jets 32, Jaguars 3: Post-Game Quotes

Here are a few post-game quotes following the New York Jets 32-3 victory Sunday over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jets coach Rex Ryan on the performance by the team’s defense:

“I knew where this defense would end up, where it always does. It was great to see them respond. When we tighten things up and we don’t make mistakes and the communications good, we’re tough to beat physically. We have a lot of talent on defense.”

Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio:

“The Jets had their way a little bit. They forced us to turn the ball over more than we can. They deserved to win today and won handily. For us, we’ll get this flight back, make our corrections and get ready for Carolina. That was not what anybody envisioned coming up here, at least not in our locker room. You’ve got to give credit to the Jets. They did a nice job today.”

Jacksonville quarterback Luke McCown:

“It was one of those deals where it was nothing they were doing. I was just off today. That’s all me and I will get better. It’s been a long time, obviously you would like not to have days like this but they happen. I’m not the first guy that’s had a day like this and I am probably not the last. I have to be better.”