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Security Beefed Up At NFL Stadium Entrances

Heading to the New York Jets game Sunday at MetLife Stadium against the Jacksonville Jaguars? Or the New York Giants game at MetLife Monday vs. the St. Louis Rams? Get there a little earlier than usual -- it is going to take you a while to get in.

In the wake of an incident last weekend at the Jets-Dallas Cowboys game in which a fan got into MetLife Stadium with a taser gun the NFL has decreed that all teams increase security measures at stadium gates.

Here is the Jets statement:

"At the direction of the NFL, all teams have been instructed to implement enhanced security procedures at the stadium gates. These procedures will require additional time for entry into the stadium. This modification is not based on any specific threat, but part of an ongoing effort to provide a safe environment for fans attending the games. Gates open two hours prior to kickoff. Fans are strongly encouraged to arrive at the entry gates 30 minutes earlier than their normal time. We thank fans for their patience while entering the stadium."

In a press release, this is what the Giants had to say about the increased security:

The Giants encourage fans to arrive early and be patient about entering the stadium on Monday night. The enhanced security procedures at the stadium gates recommended by the NFL will increase the comfort and safety of fans at the game, but will require some additional time for inspections at the gates. Fans are asked to come early, enjoy the best tailgating tradition in the NFL, and take advantage of the video boards and other new amenities outside MetLife Stadium.

In order to accommodate this security enhancement, guests are asked to arrive earlier than normal to avoid longer security lines at the checkpoints. Guests may refuse inspections; however, stadium management reserves the right to refuse entry.