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Bart Scott: Nnamdi Asomugha Took The 'Easier Opportunity'

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott is never at a loss for words, and he was at his best earlier this week in an interview earlier this week with Michael Kay on ESPN Radio New York. He took a slap at Nnamdi Asomugha's decision to sign with Philadelphia rather than than the Jets. In a way, Scott's comments could also be looked at as a slap at the New York Giants.

The good stuff is after the jump.

Were you shocked that Nnamdi Asomugha didn’t want to come to the New York Jets?

"Not at all. I’m sure it was close. I’m sure it was a decision. It was a process, but you know all the time making decisions isn’t just about do you want to be with a coach. I think he feels is closer to winning a Super Bowl. I’m sure during those negotiations that they were communicating some of the other moves they were going to make. He looked at the opportunity that he had at hand and I think he maybe thought it was an easier opportunity to go through the NFC than the AFC."

Let me ask you who is closer to getting to the Super Bowl the Jets or the Eagles?

"Well I’ve been a part of teams where you have a lot of new parts. It’s a lot of chemistry that has to come on. That depends on their [Philadelphia's] locker room. It depends on staying healthy. It depends on being able to pick up the schemes. It depends on being able to learn your teammates. You can’t always just microwave that. This is a unique year unlike any other. They really won’t get the reps to get that chemistry. You may have to just keep it vanilla and hope vanilla in their playing style can do it. We’ve been together. We’re sprinkling in a piece here and a piece there. We’re ready and we’re primed. We just went to the AFC Championship two years in a row. I think we are pretty close. Not saying that one team can’t have a great year and win it all. I think we showed consistency that we’re going to be consistently be somebody to be reckoned with no matter what because the foundation and you look at all the young pieces that have been secured here. The core of this team is going to be together for a long time."