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Rex Ryan Press Conference Highlights, 08.03.11

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Here are some of the highlights from New York Jets coach Rex Ryan's meeting iwth the media Wednesday at New York Jets training camp.

On what the team will do if the CBA is not ratified Thursday and certain players cannot practice...

Well, we'll adjust like always. We're ready for anything. It'll be unfortunate, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and we'll make the appropriate adjustments.

On how long will it take Plaxico Burress to shake the rust off...

Obviously, we'll lean on the trainers to make sure that we're not over doing it with him. We want him ready to beat Dallas on opening day. That's our main target - to get him ready to do that. Does that mean we are going to back off with some reps? Sure. Does that mean we are going to have to lean on guys to step in there and help him? Sure. You can't expect him to learn the entire playbook overnight. The thing that I like is, his blocking will be the same. That's just about the heart and I can't wait to see that. We'll definitely be smart with him.

On what he has seen from Muhammad Wilkerson thus far...

I think this guy, the pads are one thing, but the way he and (Ferguson) are going at it pretty good with each other, he looks like he already belongs. When you get to see the afternoon practices, you can see that. Most of the time, you have a rookie out there, a coach is always on him. It's like you have 12 guys on the field because the coach is two feet behind the guy because he's making this mistake, that mistake and all that. This young man is not. He's smart, he's studying and he's playing physical. That's what you want. I think he's not intimidated by anything. He's a tough New Jersey kid. It's kind of neat when you get a New Jersey guy as well. New York, New Jersey, we get our own kind of kids here. That's great. I saw his mom out at practice the other day. That's kind of a neat deal.