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2011 NFL Draft: Akeem Ayers Again To Jets In SB Nation Mock Draft

Akeem Ayers to the New York Jets. This is an idea SB Nation Mock Draft guru Brian Galliford seems to be stuck on, since this is the second consecutive week he has used the 30th pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft to give the UCLA linebacker to the Jets.

Only one thing about this pick really upsets me. I am a Giants guy, I think Ayers could be a terrific pro and I really like the idea of Ayers to the Giants with the 19th pick.

Here is Galliford’s explanation for the pick:

As the saying about Rex Ryan goes, he collects pass rushers and defensive backs on draft day. Despite that tendency, he still hasn’t been able to milk what he needs out of the Jets’ group of pass rushers. Ayers isn’t an elite athlete, but there’s more than enough there for Ryan to work with.

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