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2011 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Chooses Phil Taylor For Jets

Last week our New Jets correspondent, Joe Caporoso, found that mock drafts are pretty much settling on a choice of either UCLA outside linebacker Akeem Ayers or Baylor nose tackle Phil Taylor as the Jets selection at No. 30 in the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft.

In this week’s SB Nation Mock Draft, released Tuesday morning, the choice was easy. Ayers went to the New York Giants at 19, a selection that honestly makes quite a bit of sense for them.

Taylor was still on the board at 30 for the Jets, and that made him SB Nation’s obvious choice for the Jets. Here is the explanation:

Rex Ryan will like Taylor’s size and athleticism enough to take him here. Finding a suitable replacement for Kris Jenkins is a rarely-cited option for the Jets.

Nose tackle is critical in the 3-4, which is the defense employed by the Jets. They need a long-term replacement for Kris Jenkins, and this pick makes sense.