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2011 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Selects Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona For New York Jets

This week’s SB Nation NFL Mock Draft has tossed a new name into the mix for the New York Jets. Brooks Reed, a defensive end/outside linebacker prospect from Arizona, is this week’s choice at No. 30 for the Jets by SB Nation.

I am wondering if SB Nation Mock Draft writer Brian Galliford knows something no one else does. This is, to my recollection, the first time I have seen Reed’s name in the first round of any mock draft anywhere.

Here is the explanation for this pick:

Rex Ryan collects pass rushers and cornerbacks like trophies, and his sack production has been lacking through two years as a Jet. Reed has elite potential off the edge.

I would agree with the idea that Ryan loves pass rushers, and that the Jets need help on the edges of their defense. From most of the scouting reports I have found on Reed, though, he seems like a reach at this point. In most of the reports I have seen he is considered a second- or third-round selection. So, a curious pick.

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