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Best Super Bowl XLV Commercials

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The Super Bowl delivered another batch of great commercials this season.  Was your favorite the Doritos pug, Volkswagon Vader or something else?
The Super Bowl delivered another batch of great commercials this season. Was your favorite the Doritos pug, Volkswagon Vader or something else?

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and we now know who the big winners were. No, no, not the Green Bay Packers for beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25, it's the advertising execs at Doritos, Volkswagen and the rest of the companies that are being applauded this morning for their spots that aired during the game.

There is no shortage of ads being passed around the web today, but here are the five that seemed to leave the biggest impression. When you are spending upwards of $3 million for a :30 spot, that's the path a business victory, no?

5. Go Daddy - New GoDaddy.CO Girl

Go Daddy - New GoDaddy.CO Girl (via godaddy)

Current super-hot GoDaddy girls Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick get ready to introduce a "hot Hollywood icon" as the new girl. We see the sexy body, but not the face. The star must be an upcoming hot star like Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde, right? Not so much!

4. NFL - American Family

NFL - American Family - 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Ad (via TheSuperBowl2011)

It isn't just normal fans like us watching the big game. In this NFL spot -- with the help of crafty CGI -- we see how some of the most famous TV characters of all time prepare for the Super Bowl.

The biggest revelation? Cosmo Kramer is a Buffalo Bills fan!

3. Chrysler - Imported From Detroit

Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit (via chrysler)

While most Super Bowl ads are built around gimmicks -- and good ones at that! -- Chrysler delivered the most genuine spot of the night... and did it in two minutes! It opens with a view of Detroit and asks "What does this city know about luxury?" As the car drives through the city, we hear an instrumental version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" before seeing that the rap star is driving.

After Eminem arrives at the Fox Theater, he walks in and down to the stage where a gospel choir is waiting for him.

"This is the Motor City and this is what we do."

2. Volkswagen - The Force

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force (via volkswagen)

You know a spot is successful when it has millions of views before it ever debuts on Super Bowl Sunday! That's what happened with Volkswagen's take on Darth Vader. It has turned the young star, Max Bloom, into a hot commodity with "The Today Show" flying him into New York for Monday morning's show.

1. Doritos - Pug Attack

DORITOS® - PUG ATTACK - Crash The Super Bowl 2011 Winner (via CrashtheSuperBowl)

How often do you see a company run a contest, just to feel embarrassed by the "winner"? It happens enough that I'm sure the folks at Doritos were a little nervous about their 'Crash The Super Bowl' contest in which a contestant would have their spot air during the Super Bowl.

Those nerves at Doritos likely were settled as soon as they saw "Pug Attack". Dog + slow motion + physical humor = genius.

For his troubles, the winner get $1 million plus a guarantee to make an ad next year.