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Right Decision to Franchise David Harris

Even though we aren't sure exactly how this offseason is going to unfold with the ongoing labor negotiations it was good to see the New York Jets play it safe and franchise inside linebacker David Harris. The Jets haven't been shy about expressing their desire to keep Harris, who is the only member of their "core four" who didn't receive a long-term deal prior to this season. This decision won't preclude them from giving him the big deal he deserves but simply buys them more time and doesn't allow the risk of him hitting the open market.

Harris will be paid well this year if a contract isn't agreed upon by September, as he will receive the average of the top five linebackers in the NFL for this upcoming year. Judging from how he handled his contract situation last season, it is nearly impossible to see Harris having an issue with being the Jets franchise player.

Despite not posting monster stats in 2010 (99 tackles, three sacks, one forced fumble), Harris was voted Team MVP by his teammates and remains the Jets second most reliable and consistent defender behind Darrelle Revis. The Jets appropriately made retaining him their top priority this offseason and he will eventually get taken care of, hopefully by the start of the season, with a long-term contract.

It will now be interesting to see, who the Jets shift their attention to next: Santonio Holmes or Antonio Cromartie. They still have their transition tag to use and have expressed in interest in bringing both players back.