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Ultimate NFL Power Rankings: Giants Top Jets

CBS has put together its 'Ultimate NFL Power Rankings,' based not on the just finished 2010 season or the upcoming (labor situation permitting) 2011 season, but on a historical perspective. This turns out to be good news for the New York Giants and bad news for the New York Jets.

In the Ultimate Power Rankings Pete Prisco of CBS lists the Giants as the No. 4 franchise in the NFL taking into account both historical context and present-day circumstances. The Jets are ranked No. 14 in the 32-team NFL.

Here is what Prisco says about the Giants:

They've won three Super Bowls. They have a diehard fan base and good ownership. It's hard to argue with this team being in the top five, right? The new stadium helps in terms of revenues. Some might wonder why they're above the Jets here after last season. These are all-time rankings, not based on the past two seasons.

Now, here is what he says about the Jets:

Their only Super Bowl appearance was in 1969. Think about that. More than 40 years ago. They are relevant again and sharing a wonderful new stadium with the Giants helps them in revenue. Rex Ryan has brought a refreshing attitude to a team that needed it. Owner Woody Johnson stays involved. GM Mike Tannenbaum has done a really nice job, proving doubters -- including me.

I have to agree with this. The Giants are an original NFL franchise, and history will always be on their side until the Jets catch them in Super Bowl titles. Thus, in a historical context, the Giants will always be top dog in New York.