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Jets At Dolphins: Rex Ryan Says Jets Are 'Excited To Play'

The New York Jets find themselves in dire straits when it comes to making the playoffs. They need to defeat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday and then hope lots of other dominoes fall in their favor.

“I think our attitude’s good. Obviously, we wished we controlled our own destiny. We don’t, but shoot, we still have a shot at the playoffs and I think our attitude’s great. We’re excited to play,” Ryan said on Wednesday. “We have to find a way to win. I’m confident we can right the ship this week and that’s all that matters right now. It doesn’t matter what’s happened behind us. We have to focus on right now and stay in the present and hope there’s a future.”

Ryan is obviously tired of answering questions about last Saturday’s loss to the New York Giants. Both he and his team need to move forward, and Ryan tried to do that Wednesday.

“That’s not the only game we’ve ever lost, but you’ve got to move on from it. You’ve got a challenge right in front of you. We have an opportunity. The facts are this, I know for sure, that if we don’t win, we’re not in, so we better win, and then we’ll see what happens,” Ryan said. “We’ll do whatever it takes, light candles, we’ll do it all. But we’ve got to take care of our business first.”