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Bart Scott Says Jets Must Improve

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has made more than his fair share of brash statements over the past three seasons. Linebacker Bart Scott did not exactly follow suit this week when he said the 8-5 Jets were not a Super Bowl-caliber team "or even a playoff team" right now.

"We’re playing better football," Scott said, "but we’re not playing nearly the type of football we’re capable of."

What did Ryan think of Scott’s assessment?

“We know we have to improve as a team in all phases. And we challenged our team that way. That’s the mentality, is we’ve got to keep getting better. You can’t stay the same or anything else. We have to get better. So, that’s our mentality, that’s our mindset,” Ryan said. “Do I think we’re a playoff team? I absolutely do, but we have work to do.”

The Jets travel to Philadelphia to face the 5-8 Eagles on Sunday.