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Jets Fan Hospitalized After Reporedtly Being Beaten By Chiefs Fans

Another instance of fan violence at an NFL game occurred in the Meadowlands on Sunday. A New York Jets fan was hospitalized after he was attacked and beaten outside MetLife Stadium following the Jets 37-10 win against the Chiefs. James Mohr, 23, was jumped by group in parking lot J after a verbal altercation. At least one of the attackers was wearing a Chiefs jacket, according to a report from the New York Post.

The family of the victim told the Post that the attackers instigated the altercation with verbal taunts of "F--k New York" and "You all deserved what happened on 9/11!"

Details after the jump.

Here's more from the New York Post report:

Mohr took offense and told the rowdies their 9/11 insult was "disrespectful," said his sister, Anna Mohr, 28.

"Our other brother is a fireman, and my father is retired FDNY, so you can understand why a 9/11 comment would especially irk him," Anna said. "He was shocked anyone would actually say something like that."

Mohr, who lives in Auburndale, Queens, was walking alone from where a group of neighborhood pals had gathered in another part of the lot where some buddies from Manhattan College were parked when he was jumped by up to seven of the cowardly goons. At least one was wearing a Chiefs football jersey, a police source confirmed.

Instances of fan violence have occurred at several stadiums around the NFL this season, including at MetLife Stadium, where earlier this season, a fan entered the stadium with a taser gun.

Worth noting: KMBZ 980 AM radio reported that State Police Sgt. Brian Polite said, "witnesses told troopers there was no indication they were Kansas City fans.