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Kris Jenkins: Jets Don't Let Mark Sanchez 'Be A Man'

Former New York Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins chirping about his old mates again.

On Thursday morning Jenkins added to the pig-pile on the Jets offense with some pointed comments about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and the use of WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

According to Jenkins, the Jets need to "allow [quarterback Mark Sanchez] to be a man." Right ... whatever that means.

CBS New York has the transcript:

When asked directly if Schottenheimer is preventing quarterback Mark Sanchez from developing into an upper-echelon player, Jenkins responded, "I think so. Yes."

"(Sanchez) is a true quarterback and he’s going to put the work in," said Jenkins. "I just don’t think that they allow him to be a man. I think it’s unfortunate."

The emphasis there was mine, but that's the gist of it. "I just don't think that they allow him to be a man."

Of course, the Jets have bigger concerns than listening to talk radio. New York, at 4-3, is facing a gauntlet on the AFC East schedule with two dates against the Bills and a rematch against New England coming up in the new four weeks.

That stretch will go a lot further toward determining whether the Jets make the postseason than the manliness of their quarterback.

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