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Jim Leonhard, Bart Scott And Brandon Moore Have Playoff Hopes For New York Jets

Jets players are hopeful about getting back into contention for the NFL playoffs.

After losing to the Denver Broncos on Nov. 17, the New York Jets (5-5) have now lost two games in a row and would be out of the playoffs if they started today. The team's fortunes seem to be headed in the wrong direction. After winning three consecutive games and scoring at least 24 points in each game to get to 5-3, there hasn't been much offense in the last two games (29 total points) for the Jets.

Yet, Jets players are not disheartened by recent results and are looking forward to playing for a playoff spot.

Jets Safety Jim Leonhard isn't worried about getting help from other teams:

It seems like every week teams get beat in this league and kind of let you hang around and give you opportunities. You need to take care of your business and just have faith that things around you are going to happen.

Linebacker Bart Scott is concentrating on winning the games the Jets have in front of them:

We dealt ourselves a bad hand, but we’re still in the game. And as long as you’re still in the game you have to perform. This is a good opportunity for us to get on the right track and try to go on a roll, because we have to. We can’t afford to lose any more games.

You worry about you trying to win six games. If you win six games, then that’s the best way to give yourself the best chance to be successful and get an opportunity. You win six games, and then it starts with one.

Jets guard Brandon Moore referred to the regular season's 'peaks' and 'valleys':

It’s a long season. We were written off when we had the three game losing streak. It’s a long season, it has peaks, it has valleys. We’re in a valley right now and I know it sounds simple and cliché, but we’re going to have to get better until the end and win our next game. It’s as simple as that. I think our confidence is fine. Guys understand we have the playmakers in here, we have talent to win ball games on a consistent level. We just have to be able to do it during the course of the week and prove it on Sundays.

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