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Amani Toomer Prefers Tim Tebow Over Mark Sanchez

When asked duirng a Saturday radio appearance who he would he would chose if he were starting a franchise today, given the option between Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, former New York Giant wide receiver Amani Toomer said he would chose Tebow.

"[Tebow] and Sanchez are both not great quarterbacks," Toomer said. "The only reason why I'd say Tebow is because we've seen what Sanchez can do. This is his third year. Tebow hasn't even started for a whole season. Give the kid an opportunity to prove himself a little bit more and I think he can ... work on his technique."

Toomer later indicated that his choice is less of a testament to Tebow as it is an inditement on Sanchez.

"I'm not a huge Tebow supporter, but when you're going against Sanchez, it's not that big of a curve."

These responses of Toomer were on a radio show he co-hosts on ESPN New York 1050.

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