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Jets Fall to Tebow Led Broncos in a Heartbreaker 17-13

The Jets fell to 5-5 last night with a heartbreaking loss to the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow. New York’s hopes for a third straight trip to the postseason are now on life support.

It was over when: Mark Sanchez’s Hail Mary fell to the turf incomplete short of the end zone as the clock showed 0:00. Sanchez had rallied the Jets in the final minute and completed a pass on 4th and 18 to extend the final drive, but New York never had more than a chance to heave it to the end zone to try and win it. The play wrapped up an inconsistent second half for Sanchez. He was 10 for 23 in the final two quarters.

Turning Point: The Broncos started their final drive on their own 5 yard line. On the first play, Tim Tebow took a shotgun snap and threw sideways to Eddie Royal at his own goal line. Jim Leonhard flew up and missed a tackle that would have resulted in a safety and could have iced the game. Had Leonhard made that play, the touchdown drive would have been over before it started.

Three Goats:

1. Mark Sanchez: Sanchez was inconsistent all evening. The Jets only put up 13 points. He also spotted the Broncos their first touchdown with a pick six. He stared down Plaxico Burress. That was really bad because the Jets led 10-3 at that point and were in complete control of the game.

2. Offensive Line: The line did not get much of a push in the run game. The unit was part of the reason Sanchez looked so bad as well. He was sacked 4 times and consistently hit, even once on a one step drop quick pass. Hits can pile up on a quarterback and shake even the confidence of the best.

3. Eric Smith: He was the outside guy on the all out blitz the Jets ran when Tebow scrambled for the game winning 20 yard touchdown. The Jets sent as many men at Tebow as possible to eliminate his running lanes. Smith’s responsibility was to not let him get outside. The touchdown was on him.

The only good for the Jets is they return home next week with some extra rest to play a Bills team they dominated less than a month ago. They likely will need to run the table to make the postseason now, though.