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Jets Vs. Broncos Score: New York and Denver Tied 3-3 End Of First Half

Well, there isn't much negative to say about the New York Jets as they head into the half against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night at Colorado's Mile High Stadium.

Unfortunately, there isn't much positive to say, either.

That's because "Gang Green" has been on the field for 30 minutes and the best they could do was a field goal. Luckily for them, that's all "Orange Crush" was able to muster up as well.

New York was down 0-3 heading into the second quarter, but Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was able to get his team 32 yards downfield to put Nick Folk within field goal range. 21 yards later and they're tied at three apiece.

Both teams struggled offensively in the second quarter, with the longest drive totaling 4:05. Folk tried to send one in from long distance to close out the half, but his 61-yard field goal was no good and the game remains deadlocked at 3-3.

Intermission 1 2 3 4 Total
New York Jets 0 3 3
Denver Broncos 3 0 3

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