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Joe Namath Tweets Up A Storm During Jets' Loss

Following Joe Namath on Twitter during New York Jets games might be more fun than watching the games themselves. Especially when the Jets lose, like they did Sunday night against the New England Patriots, 37-16.

Namath, of course, remains passionate about the Jets and is never shy about criticizing the team or head coach Rex Ryan.

He was in good form Sunday night. These were some of his best salvos of the evening:

“If we lose tonight I quit.” Which was followed by “I only quit smoking, dipping and drinking. I’ll never quit on the Jets.”

“Ya the refs bleeding. Who cares.”

“Hey, we’re NOT out of this! 2 TDs down, a quarter and 4+ min to play. JETS NEED TO PLAY BETTER. Plenty of time!”

Finally, before signing off after the game Namath took a shot at the Jets defense.

“The Jet defense looked confused. Were they getting the defensive calls too late? Or responding to the calls too late? And WHY?”

Yes, Joe was on a better roll Sunday night than the Jets offense. And something tells me we will hear more from him this week.