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Mark Sanchez: Criticisms From Joe Namath Are 'No Big Deal'

Mark Sanchez may still be developing when it comes to being an NFL quarterback. The New York Jets' signal-caller, though, has certainly figured out that criticism comes with the territory in the harsh glare of the New York spotlight, and has learned to handle it. Even when it comes from franchise icon and Hall of Famer Joe Namath.

In a recent appearance on Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money Sanchez spoke about the criticisms Namath often espouses through a variety of online formats.

"He [Namath] still cares a lot about the team. I know that. Some of that stuff may be taken out of context and the other stuff he just wants us to do well, so he is critical of anybody. If anybody is critical of our team it's probably going to be me or Rex [Ryan]. That's just kind of the roles we bought into," Sanchez said. "That's the way it goes and especially in New York. Joe Namath is the ultimate Jet and he's probably the biggest icon this franchise has and winning that Super Bowl and guaranteeing it the way he did. We have a lot of respect for him and I know he wants the best out of our team. It's no big deal."

Sanchez said he doesn't follow what goes in in the media around the city, but the team's PR staff keeps him abreast of what he needs to know.

"I don't go out and buy a newspaper or whatever, but whenever I press are obligated to talk to the media on Wednesdays during the week. Our PR department kind of lets me know what is going on, so I have a heads up going in that I don't get caught off guard with a question about Joe Namath or what Rex [Ryan] said to Norv Turner or Darrelle Revis and Mike Francesa," Sanchez said. "It's like there is always something. Some of it's funny and some of it is just the way things go."