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Jets 27, Chargers 21: Post-Game Reactions

Here are some post-game notes and quotes following the New York Jets’ 27-21 victory Sunday over the San Diego Chargers.

Jets’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress on his season-best three-touchdown game:

“We’ve just been working so hard at it in practice. (I was) just being patient. Santonio (Holmes) kept telling me, “Just be patient.” Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) stuck with me and was still calling the plays. Just working hard in practice and seeing the results in practice, I said, ‘Hey, there is going to come a time in the game where these things are going to click,’ and today, we just had a great day.”

Jets’ coach Rex Ryan:

We saw the team we envisioned at the start of the season. We were slow to get it going, but we saw it. We faced a good team today. … We just feel like we’re hitting out stride now. This is the football team we think we have. We had more than hiccups along the way."

Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez on coming back from a 21-10 deficit:

This team doesn’t have any quit in (it). We rely on each other to come back and make plays (on) offense, defense and special teams. I didn’t like the way we had too many penalties this week, but that’s something we have to compete against and battle with the next two weeks. I’m sure happy the way we persevered through a slow start.


With his six-yard reception in the first quarter, RB LaDainian Tomlinson became the fourth running back in NFL history to record 600 receptions, joining Larry Centers (827), Marshall Faulk (767) and Keith Byars (610). Tomlinson now has 602 career receptions.