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Jets Vs. Chargers Score Update: The Jets Start Comeback 21-17

The third quarter opened with the Chargers on their own 27 yard line. Rivers hit Matthews for a six yard gain and then Matthews rushed up the middle for another eight yards. The Chargers then went three and out and were forced to punt the ball. 

The Jets started on their own nine yard line and got a huge scramble out of Mark Sanchez who rushed for 25 yards. They were unable to put a series together after Sanchez was sacked for eight yards. Even after a 12 yard pass to Tomlinson, they were still six short of the first down and were forced to punt. 

The Chargers went three and out and gave the Jets great field position. Shonn Green rushed for 25 yards on the drive while Mark Sanchez 27 passing yards and a touchdown to Burress. Nick Folk made the extra point. The Chargers again went three and out and gave the Jets great field position to end the half.