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Jets vs Chargers Score Update: Chargers Lead 21-10 Into The Half

The second quarter continued the Chargers drive down the field. Philip Rivers passed to Vincent Jackson for a 15 yard gain bringing the Chargers into the Jets' red zone. Three Mike Tolbert rushes set Rivers up for a two yard pass to Antonio Gates for the touchdown. 

The Jets started their own second quarter driver deep in their territory. Four San Diego penalties assisted the Jets in moving the ball down field. Shonn Green consistently gained on rushing attempts and Mark Sanchez connected with Plaxico Burress for the touchdown. 

The next Chargers series opened with Mike Tolbert rushing for a 29 yard gain. Rivers connected with Malcom Floyd 28 yards which took the team deep into Jets territory. A seven yard Jets pass interference set the Chargers up on the one yard line and Mike Tolbert pounded the ball in for the touchdown on his third attempt. 

The Jets had one more opportunity to score before the half but were unable to put together a successful series.