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Rob Ryan Diagnoses Twin Brother Rex With 'Ring Envy'

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has a theory about what caused his twin brother Rex to remark that he would have won "a couple of rings" by now if the San Diego Chargers had hired him in 2007 instead of current coach Norv Turner. Rob Ryan told the Dallas Morning News on Friday that the New York Jets head coach is suffering from a case of "ring envy."

"Let me tell you something, that whole comment there is about multiplicity," Rob Ryan said of his twin, who has one Super Bowl ring from working as a defensive line coach with the Ravens in 2000. "Rex is constantly using that multiple ring thing, multiple ring this, multiple ring that, multiple ring this.

"It's ring envy. His twin brother has two rings, his dad has three rings, he only has one, so you can see the multiplicity thing."

Rob Ryan won two Super Bowls during his time as a linebackers coach for the New England Patriots from 2000-2003.