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Video: Darrelle Revis Hangs Up On Mike Francesa During Argument On WFAN

When New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis called in for an interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN, nobody expected the way it would end.

At the urging of a Jets PR member, Revis finished the interview abruptly by hanging up on Francesa.

During the interview, Francesa told Revis that his 100-yard interception return Monday night against the Miami Dolphins actually should have been a holding penalty.

"I want you to come in this studio with me when you have a chance, and I will donate anything to your best charity if you tell me you don't have him by the jersey ten yards down the field," said Francesa.

The two traded barbs for a little while longer. Francesa badgered Revis about whether the play should have been called a penalty and Revis responded by telling Francesa he interviews well, but doesn't know much about football.

Finally, as Revis's anger built, a Jets PR member came on the line to tell Revis to stop the interview.

"Darrelle, hang up," the PR member said, and Revis did as he was told.

(Video via Jimmy Traina)