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Do The New York Jets Have A Locker Room Problem?

The New York Jets beat the winless Miami Dolphins on Monday to crawl back .500 on Monday night. But 3-3 is still a disappointing start for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. 

New York's troubles could begin to be explained by its inability to move the football (the Jets rank 29th in the NFL in yards per game). But Kris Jenkins has another idea. The ex-Jet called the team's locker room "catty" and said the team lacks leaders.

Inflammatory comments after the jump. 

Here's more Jenkins via's Mike Mazzeo:

"These are the guys that set the tempo in your training camps. These are gonna be the guys that make things go accordingly to plan. Now, they just erased that off their team. Now you have guys that, yeah, they're good, they can play their positions, but they don't have the experience to take on those responsibilities, so what happens? You get a catty locker room."

And Jenkins wasn't done there.

"They're not trying to put the hard work in to become a leader inside-out. They just want it on the outside and for everyone to see them for how special they are. The thing I had a personal issue with when I was there was guys trying to copyright things and be known for what they're saying and this show and that show."

ProFootballTalk spectulated this last comment was a dig at Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who copyrighted his nickname "Revis Island."

Is there any truth to Jenkins' diagnosis? Maybe. But there's another way to view the situation -- just a veteran who is salty about getting cut.