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Darrelle Revis Targeted An Amazing 14 Times By Miami Dolphins

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was matched up Monday night with Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins, and he knew that meant he would be busy. The number of times the Dolphins tried to invade Revis Island, however, turned out to be ridiculous.

Revis was targeted 14 times, 11 while he was covering Marshall. He surrendered five completions. Including Monday, Revis has been thrown at just 29 times all season.

I knew the matchup during the week the whole time going up against Brandon Marshall, so I expected them to throw him the ball at all times and utilize him. He is their best receiver on the team, so I didn’t think they would shy away from me. It was great with the competition and the quarterbacks throwing at me because it gives me opportunities to make more plays."

Revis made two picks, had four passes defensed and wound up as AFC Defensive Player of The Week. It’s a pretty safe bet the Chargers won’t throw in his direction 14 times this Sunday.