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Brandon Moore Disappointed By Santonio Holmes Comments

A day after New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes criticized New York's offensive line, Jets right guard Brandon Moore voiced disappointment in his teammate's comments.

"I'm disappointed," Moore said after practice today. "I've never had a teammate do that that I can recall. It's not really being a captain, a leader. It fragments. It's not productive." ...

"I think it's just upsetting and disappointing," Moore said. "A guy you play for every Sunday -- you know, you play for each guy on the team, he's one of those guys you play for -- for him to do that is disappointing."    

Despite a team-wide warning to keep criticism in-house after the Baltimore game, Holmes said Thursday that the offensive line needs to improve so the Jets can try more downfield passing plays. 

Holmes was selected by coach Rex Ryan as one of five team captains this season, and Moore believes Holmes has a "green light" from someone in the organization to voice his opinions.

"Obviously, he's got the green light to do that from somebody up top, the people that run the team or whatever," said Moore, a 9-year veteran. "He's got the 'C' on his chest, and he can do that."

Holmes was selected by coach Rex Ryan as one of the team's five captains this season. Asked who might have given Holmes the green light, Moore said, "I don't know. It keeps happening, so obviously it is OK."

Moore said he believed criticism can have a fracturing effect in New York's locker room.

"I think it can be," Moore said. "Whenever you've got a person on your unit that is publicly diminishing the job and work you put in, I guess it can have an effect."    

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