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Indianapolis Colts 7, New York Jets 0: Halftime

The New York Jets looked as if they were going to respond to the Peyton Manning-Pierre Garcon touchdown but the Indianapolis Colts defense had other plans — or quarterback Mark Sanchez had other plans.

The Jets marched 60 yards on 13 plays but Sanchez missed tight end Dustin Keller on a high pass at the goal line.

The arrant pass, which left Sanchez hand with less than a minute to go in the half, ended up in the hands of Colts defensive back Justin Tryon.

The Colts ran twice to end the half.

That was the only first-half drive by New York that reached the red zone.

Currently, the Jets lead in total yardage with 157 (79 through the air). The Colts have 147 total yards (122 by passing).

Sanchez finished the first half, 9-for-19 for 84 yards and an interception.

On the ground, LaDainian Tomlinson has 49 yards and seven carries. Backfield teammate Shonn Greene has 25 yards on six carries.

The Colts started the game by not earning a first down in their first three possession. The tides turned in the second quarter.