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New York Jets At Indianapolis Colts: Final Thoughts & Prediction

If you haven't been able to tell from the rest of this story stream, I am feeling pretty confident about the Jets chances tonight against the Colts. The match-ups have improved exponentially since last January and this team was built to win this football game, especially against an under-manned Colts team. 

Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. He is going to make his share of plays. However, this should be a big night for the Jets offense and for Mark Sanchez in particular. The Jets can put the necessary amount of points on the scoreboard to keep pace. 

I hope to see plenty of Shonn Greene tonight against a smaller Colts defense that has struggled against the run. Jason Taylor, how about getting that pass rush going? Antonio Cromartie, we brought you here so we wouldn't have to worry about players like Pierre Garcon killing us.

In the end, I am predicting a 27-24 Jets victory. See you next Sunday in New England.