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Rex Ryan: 'We Expect To Win'

Appearing on ESPN Radio in New York New York Jets coach Rex Ryan — as always — had some interesting things to say leading up to this weekend’s wild-card weekend playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews, you can read the full transcript. We have some snippets for you.

What he can take out of last weekend’s game and apply it towards the game against the Colts:

“I just like the way we played. It was just like the ‘Jet Way’ just full of intensity and passion and I think that is the way we want to do business. It was an opportunity for a lot of guys to step up and it was exciting to see Jason Taylor and Calvin Pace, they did a tremendous job of rushing the passer, and then I thought our back-end, having Darrelle out and Cromartie out, and those guys really stepped up. Marquis Cole and Kyle Wilson, those guys really played well.”

If this team is any better heading into the playoffs than they were last year:

“I think we are. I think we have more weapons on the outside that if you want to stick them all down there than we get you on the outside. I think we have proved that. I think Mark is more confident with the offense knowing the system. I just think we are better offensively, and then on defense, I think we are obviously, statistically we weren’t as good as we were last season, but then again, I want to talk about how we are going to finish and I think, right now I think we have a huge test in front of us, but I think we have more depth right now. Last year, when we played Indianapolis, when we had a couple of corners go down, it devastated us. I think now, even as soon as against the Bills, that we do have depth around the corner and that is what you have to have going up against these guys.”

Whether it is fair to say, if the Jets are a better team this year and the Colts aren’t as good of a team this year:

“I hope so. As long as you have got Peyton Manning out there he seems to make everyone better, but losing Dallas Clark is going to hurt him. Collie, the slot receiver, but they are still the Indianapolis Colts. I think they are running the ball better than they did, especially recently, and then their defense they still got all those great, edge pass rushers, so they’re still an excellent football team, but I like our team and we are going down there to win this thing. That is our mission and we expect to win.”