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Super Bowl XLV: Agony In Dallas

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Take heart, New York Giants and New York Jets fans! I know you are bumming that your team is not getting ready for Super Bowl XLV. I know you had hopes, and I know right now you feel disappointment -- especially Jets fans, whose AFC Championship Game loss still leaves a fresh wound.

Things could be worse, however. Much, much worse. You could be fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the NFL can talk all they want about adding seats to Cowboys Stadium, host of Super Bowl XLV, to make it "the biggest and best." No matter what they do, however, this Super Bowl amounts to nothing more than a huge disappointment for the entire Dallas area.

That, of course, is because the Cowboys are not in it.

Ask a Dallas fan and they will tell you this was supposed to be the year the Dallas Cowboys became the first team to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Instead, the Cowboys imploded, starting 1-7 and never even getting close to making the playoffs.

Tell me thinking about that doesn't put a smile on your face, New York area fans. Especially if you happen to be a Giants fan.

The fact that the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing makes it even a little more delicious, and a whole lot more painful for Cowboys fans. Dallas, of course, lost championship games to the Packers in 1966 and '67, and lost Super Bowls to the Steelers in 1975 and '78. It will not be fun for long-time Cowboys fans to watch those two teams play for the Lombardi Trophy in the House That Jerry Built.

The only thing that could make this better, in terms of twisting the knife into Cowboys' fans a little deeper, would be if the Giants were representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. How sweet would it have been as a Giants fan to see your team win it all in the Jerry-Dome?

Alas, we have to settle for the agony of the Cowboys having to watch the Packers or Steelers hoist the trophy. That is still pretty good.