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Morning Coffee! Jets Back Up Their Words

Good morning, New York sports fans! We know it is a very, good morning if you are a New York Jets fan. So good, in fact, that you might not even need coffee to sail through your day feeling like a million bucks.

That, of course, is because the Jets are in the AFC Championship Game for the second consecutive season. The Jets will face the Pittsburgh Steelers next weekend for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl after shocking the New England Patriots, 28-21, Sunday in Foxboro.

The Jets backed up their trash talk by blanketing Tom Brady's receivers and giving him nowhere to throw the ball, then by punishing him physically for holding ... and holding ... and holding the ball trying to find somewhere to throw it. Offensively, Mark Sanchez made the throws he had to make, and the Patriots could not handle the Jets running game.

Now, it's on to Pittsburgh for the Jets. I wonder how long it will take before the Jets start talking trash about the Steelers.

There are, of course, a few other things to talk about around the local sports scene other than the Jets. Sorry, Jets fans, it's true.