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New York Jets At New England Patriots: Comparing the Offenses

When the Jets have the ball...

Passing Yards - 202.6 yards, 22nd in the NFL

Rushing Yards - 148.4 yards, 4th in the NFL

Quarterback - Mark Sanchez struggled with inaccuracy during the Jets wild-card victory and they can't afford him to have the same problems this week. In both of his career starts in New England, it hasn't been pretty for Sanchez. The Jets need their quarterback to play with confidence and poise this week and not miss opportunities when they are presented. There will be some favorable matchups on the outside and Sanchez must exploit them.

Running Backs - It was a strong game for both LaDainian Tomlinson and ShonnGreene last week. The Jets will need both of them to repeat their efforts this week because of the need to control the clock. It is very possible to run the ball on New England's defense, which the Jets did in both of their match-ups this year. Hopefully, Tomlinson can turn back the clock for another week and Greene can soften up the defense until eventually popping a big run.

Wide Receivers - I don't care how well Devin McCourty played this season as a rookie, the Jets have a decided advantage here and must take advantage of it. Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes should be able to get open down the field, especially off play action if the Jets are running the ball well.

Tight Ends - Dustin Keller has had plenty of success against New England in the past and the Jets must find a way to involve him in the game plan. He can stretch the middle of the field, the same way Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernandez could.

When New England has the ball...

Passing Yards - 240.4 yards, 11th in the NFL

Rushing Yards - 123.3 yards, 9th in the NFL

Quarterback - Should I just pull an Antonio Cromartie and say what I really feel about Tom Brady? We all know what Brady is capable of, how well he plays at home, how well he plays in the snow and on and on...

Running Back - The Patriots have formed a nice one-two punch with BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead. I won't be surprised if the Jets dare New England to beat them with their running game instead of their passing game. The Jets must do a better job of covering Woodhead out of the backfield, for all of our collective sanity.

Wide Receivers - I am much less concerned about what New England's receivers can do to the Jets secondary than their tight ends. Wes Welker is a beast in the slot but I expect him to get a healthy dose of Revis Island. Deion Branch is a savvy veteran who beat up on Antonio Cromartie in the last meeting. Brandon Tate has good deep speed.

Tight Ends - The Jets match-up nightmare. They don't have the personnel to cover Rob Gronkowski, let alone him and Aaron Hernandez. Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine must get creative to stop the Patriots dynamic duo of rookie tight ends. Eric Smith, James Ihedigbo, Dwight Lowery, and Brodney Pool all need to rise to the challenge.


Advantage: New England...they have a deep collection of weapons and can beat you in a variety of ways. The Jets have plenty of offensive talent but it is up to Mark Sanchez to get the most out of it.