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Antonio Cromartie: Tom Brady 'An Ass---'

Most experts will tell you that over time teams take on the personality of their coach. The brash New York Jets have certainly done so with Rex Ryan, and the latest example is Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie on Tuesday calling New England quarterback Tom Brady “an ass—-.”

“—- him,” the Jets cornerback added.

“That’s what I think about him. I don’t really give a damn about him,” said Cromartie. “I don’t have to play against him. I play against the receivers.”

Cromartie and the Jets, quite obviously, can’t hide their disdain for Brady and the Patriots.

Cromartie, by the way, also had time on Tuesday to take a shot at his former employer, the San Diego Chargers.

“I’m in the playoffs and they’re not,” Cromartie said of the Chargers, who had a disappointing 9-7 season and missed the playoffs. “I’m enjoying every moment in this locker room and every day I’m around my teammates.

“I was unhappy there,” he continued. “I’m very happy here, being around a coaching staff that will fight for you, being around a coaching staff that will go to bat for me. That’s something that’s very enjoyable. It’s been fun and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

The question that remains, of course, is if the Jets will still be talking come Sunday night.