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Rex Ryan: Casey Stengel Would Be Proud

Only here's the problem with the camp that was beamed into America's living room by "Hard Knocks": Viewers recall only Ryan's runaway profanity and some players bringing cheeseburgers onto the field. Other than the occasional shot of Ryan teaching a defensive end the swim technique, the man wasn't seen doing much, you know, coaching.

Yeah, I get it, the blocking-sled stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. But Ryan is doing the editing now, and he's the one allowing the style to overwhelm the substance.

In fact, the last coach or manager in New York to divert this much attention away from his considerable work and toward his considerable personality was Casey Stengel.

Ian O'Connor,

Poem: Ryanese?

Rex speaks again! Jets ruined for certain!

Brash words will hasten the season's last curtain!

So say the writers, who look for an angle

And say that Rex will end up failing... like Stengel?

Don't get me wrong, Rex can be racy

But Jets will be thrilled with winning like Casey

Know this: if Jets win, or season goes south

It won't be because of their head coach's mouth