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Rex Ryan And Bill Belichick: Separated At Birth?

The New York Jets dispatched the Indianapolis Colts with an electrifying come-from-behind victory that will be recounted for years to come. And now it's on to the main event, as Gang Green goes to Foxboro to take on their arch nemesis, the New England Patriots, who are, of course, led by Public Enemy No. 1, Bill Belichick. On the surface, Belichick and Jet coach Rex Ryan couldn't be more different. One is secretive, the other's life is on You Tube. One has never cracked a smile in his life, while the other is the life of the party. But, surprisingly, they also have much in common. Don't believe me? Well, here's the proof:

Though they both had many reasons to come to New York, they each had an infamous reason why they didn't come here: Ryan didn't come to New York to kiss Belichick's rings, and Belichick didn't come to New York to be the HC of the NYJ. They have both been caught cheating, with Tripgate and Spygate. They both like to play dress-up: Ryan likes to dress up as his long-haired brother, while Belichick has been known to dress up as a homeless man in a ratty hoody. They both have cool nicknames: Ryan's is Sexy Rexy, while Belichick's is Coach Doom. They've both had well-known incidents that involved their hands: Ryan's middle finger made headlines, while Belichick's fishy handshake also caused a stir. They each have a word that is heavily associated with them: Ryan's is "swagger," while Belichick's is "dour" (and the word "class" has never been linked with either man). They're both hated by every fan base except their own. They each have a bizarre fetish: Ryan's involves his wife's feet, while Belichick's involves mumbling to reporters. Ryan likes to drop F bombs, while Belichick likes to drop the Jets from his resume. They were both defensive coaches for Super Bowl winners: Ryan with the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick with the New York Giants. Their fathers were both in the NFL: Belichick's was a player with the Lions, while Ryan's was head coach of the Eagles and Cardinals. And they've both won Super Bowls as head coaches, though Ryan's victories are all in his head and take place sometime in the future.

So there you have it. Are the two coaches really so different? Ok, who are we kidding here? One is an unbridled braggart who entertains, for good or bad, at every opportunity, while the other is a petty, tightlipped snoozefest. But the bore has the championships while the nonstop talker hasn't backed up his boasting yet. Ryan has recently stated that Sunday's game is personal between Belichick and himself, and if he loses, he may have to kiss those rings after all--if Belichick actually lets Ryan get close enough to shake hands with him, that is.

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