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Jets At Patriots: Rex Ryan Just Can't Stop Talking

It's only Monday, meaning the New York Jets vs. New England Patriots AFC divisional playoff game is six days aways. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, Jets coach Rex Ryan is already in full throat as gets ready for the Jets biggest game this season.

If you are one of those who really just doesn't want to hear or read any more from the bombastic Jets coach, you are going to have live a spartan existence to do that this week. Don't read the paper. Turn off the TV or the sports talk shows. Stay off the Internet.

Rex is everywhere. Last week he was zinging Tom Brady for not working as hard as Peyton Manning and for getting more help than Manning in leading the Patriots.

This week his mouth hasn't slowed down. He zinged Brady again for going to play and not watching the Jets-Colts game Saturday night.

"Peyton Manning would have been watching our game," he said.

Ryan also took issue with Brady's on-field habit of pointing at an opponent after a touchdown.

"[It's] Brady being Brady, I don't like seeing that -- nobody does, no Jets fan likes to see that," Ryan said. "I know he can't wait to do it. He's not going to say anything publicly, but he does it."

Then there was Ryan saying this one is personal between himself and New England coach Bill Belichick, admitting at the same time that he was outcoached when the Patriots defeated the Jets, 45-3, in Foxboro a few weeks ago.

"This is about Bill Belichick versus Rex Ryan," Ryan said, addressing the upcoming showdown in Foxborough for the first time. "There's no question, it's personal. It's about him against myself. That's what it's going to come down to."

All of this and the week is just getting started. Oh, joy. I can hardly wait for what Rex will say next. Not.