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Mark Sanchez: "It Could Be A Trap Game For A Lot Of Teams And We Don’t Want To Let It Happen That Way.'

After stumbling out of the gates in their opener, the New York Jets have looked much more like the team that everyone thought was a Super Bowl contender heading into the 2010 NFL season. Though the defense has not been as good as advertised, Mark Sanchez has really stepped up his game the past two weeks, throwing for three touchdowns in both wins.

Next up for Sanchez and the Jets is a date with the winless Buffalo Bills. Sanchez knows that there’s no such thing as a pushover divisional game, especially not this early in the year and on the road. The Jets quarterback joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio on Wednesday to talk about his play the past two weeks, and what he and the team are up to this week in order to avoid a letdown against the hungry, 0-2 Bills.

Whether he has to fight the urge to feel good about himself in the way that he has played the last two weeks:

“I think so. I think we need to keep building on the positives that happen in the game, the way we are scoring in the red zone, the way we made some explosive plays, converted on third downs. These are things that we talked about at the beginning of the season that our offense would be able to do. Now it is happening, just got to keep it rolling, and then the most important thing is to clean up some of the little mistakes like the false starts, the holdings and things like that that we can control that is huge if we eliminate some of those penalties. We might blow that game open and we really got a chance to keep winning so that is the most important thing.”

Whether he thinks it is possible to look past a 0-3 Bills team to the Vikings game next Monday night:

“I think that is a really good point and I think for a lot of teams it could be a trap game. They’ll bring everything out, they’re searching for a win hard and we need to expect that, prepare for that, and trust our preparation and not change anything. It is important for guys not to start feeling themselves. In this media and this market you play well for a couple of weeks in a row and it looks like everything is great and it is all sunshine and rainbows, so you have got to fight it and you have to compete everyday. If we want to win on Sunday, we have got to win today, tomorrow and all the way through the week. Nothing changes it is just important to remember that it could be a trap game for a lot of teams and we don’t want to let it happen that way.”