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2011 Pro Bowl Rosters: Shaun O'Hara? Please!

We all realize, of course, that there is no perfect way to pick rosters for something like the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl. But, New York Giants center Shaun O'Hara a Pro Bowler this year? Please! That might qualify as the biggest joke on either of the two 43-man rosters.

O'Hara made the Pro Bowl in 2008 and 2009, and deserved it in both of those seasons. This year, though, he has played just four games due to a foot injury. He has played terribly in the Giants last two games since trying to return from that injury. Obviously, his presence on the team is a reputation thing. I can understand his winning the fan balloting -- after all, how many fans know the names of more than a handful of centers around the league? But, to get support from players and coaches? Wow!

Snee defended the selection of O'Hara despite playing his only six games.

“I told Shaun in 2007 I was an alternate to Larry Allen, who played five games,” Snee said. “It just tells you the respect people have for Shaun. I’m sure they were aware of what he was battling all year.”

“I missed some games this year, so this is strange for me in that aspect,” O’Hara said. “I didn’t really expect it this year because of the time that was missed. So it’s a very unexpected honor.”

Darrelle Revis of the Jets is another player who made it based on his reputation. After holding out and missing all of training camp, then suffering a hamstring injury, Revis has not been anywhere near the player for whom the term 'Revis Island' was coined. In recent weeks teams have been unafraid to challenge him.

How about a couple of Giants who should have made it? The Giants best offensive lineman all season was right tackle Kareem McKenzie. He is way more deserving choice than O'Hara, or even alternate David Diehl. So is Rich Seubert, who replaced O'Hara at center for much of the season and has been terrific at both center and guard. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks and defensive tackle Barry Cofield also deserved serious consideration.

I don't know the Jets roster nearly as well, and I would be curious to hear your thoughts on players for Gang Green who were snubbed.