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Jets At Bears: No Win, But Jets Playoff Bound

The talk about the Jets being "lucky" isn't going to stop any time soon. Despite losing in Chicago, the Jets are going to playoffs for the second time in as many years with Rex Ryan as their head coach and Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback.

This team has flaws, especially on the defensive side of the football. However, before you write the Jets off as fluke light weight playoff team, remember how they rallied to win a pair of playoff games last season despite being a flawed team.

The Jets are inconsistent on both sides of the football. In certain weeks, their defense looks playoff caliber. Remember holding Baltimore to 10 points? Green Bay to 9 points? Pittsburgh to 17 points? In other weeks, their offense looks borderline unstoppable, as it did today. Unfortunately, the lack of consistency for both units makes it highly unpredictable what we will see from the Jets when Wild-Card Weekend comes around.

It is looking like the Jets will be heading to Kansas City in round one, which is certainly a winnable game. Yet that is an article for another day. Today, shrug off everybody hating on the Jets and enjoy the fact you are rooting for a playoff team because once you get into the tournament, anything can happen.