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Jets Defense In Need Of Big Plays Sunday

The New York Jets defense has failed to live up to expectations in 2010. However, they have shown signs of life in the previous few weeks and will have a great opportunity to create big plays on Sunday, which could turn the outcome of the game in the Jets favor.

We all know Jay Cutler isn't shy about trying to fit the ball into tight spaces and he doesn't seem like the type of quarterback to avoid Darrelle Revis. The Bears lack an elite receiver, which means Rex Ryan can move Revis around the formation. Beyond that, Chicago doesn't have a strong running game which means Ryan should be able to be more aggressive than he has been in recent weeks with his pass rush. Chicago's offensive line has struggled to protect Cutler all year and this would be an ideal game for Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor to build some momentum for the playoffs.

Right now the Jets team leader in sacks has five and their leader in interceptions has three. There has been a shortage of big plays created throughout the season and considering the Jets offense has scored one touchdown in the past three games, a defense that sets up or generates points is a necessity.

Last week, it was Brad Smith who gave the Jets the extra boost they needed on special teams. This week, the opportunity is there for the Jets defense to be the unit who puts them over the top.