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NFL Playoff Scenarios, Week 16: Jets Could Clinch AFC Spot This Weekend

The New York Jets (10-4) can clinch an AFC playoff berth this weekend with a victory in Chicago over the newly-crowned NFC North champion Chicago Bears (10-4).

According to the scenarios released today by the NFL PR Department, the Jets can also clinch a playoff spot even if they lose to the Bears at Soldier Field. If either Jacksonville or Indianapolis loses or ties this weekend, the Jets will be a playoff team.

The playoff berth would be the second straight for the Jets under coach Rex Ryan. Of course, Ryan and the Jets long ago branded themselves as much more than a playoff team — they branded themselves as a team headed to the Super Bowl.

Thus, while the playoff berth sounds nice you wonder if the organization and the fanbase would consider just getting into the playoffs a successful season. Or, is it going to require at least getting to the Super Bowl considering the expectations Ryan laid out for this team?