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NFL Predictions, Week 15: Giants Yes, But Stay Away From The Jets

OK, my crystal ball is officially off the New York Jets' bandwagon. I have been smoked by picking the Jets in each of the last two weeks, and I am not doing it again -- until I do it again. At least I am not doing it this week when I make my Week 15 NFL predictions. And, in case you had not figured it out, when means now.

So, enough of this gibberish. I went 3-2 last week to stay barely above .500 for the season at 18-17. As usual this week I will select the Jets and New York Giants games, and then three other games I like.

Philadelphia at Giants (-3). The Giants have lost five straight times to the Eagles, dating back to the middle of the 2008 season. They seem to have become a wreck against the Eagles, with turnovers, odd decisions, inopportune drops and all  manner of bad things happening to them. Do the Eagles wave a black cat in front of Eli Manning before games or something? All of this bad luck has to change eventually for New York, and I think it does Sunday when the teams meet with first place in the NFC East at stake. Pick: Giants

Jets (+6) at Pittsburgh. I already gave you this pick. If you think I am touching the Jets against the Steelers after the pititful efforts they put forth the past two weeks, you need to make an appointment with your shrink. I would need one with mine if I picked the Jets. Pick: Steelers

Cleveland at Cincinnati (-1): The Bengals stink, and Terrell Owens is busy talking his way out of another NFL town. Cincinnati (2-11) has pretty much packed it in for the season. The Browns (5-8) are hardly anything to write home about, but they at least play hard and have had some good moments this season. Pick: Browns

San Francisco at San Diego (-9): The 5-8 49ers are sill pretending like they are a playoff team. The 7-6 Chargers have been playing like one. That continues this week. It's a lot of points to give, but I don't care. Pick: Chargers

Arizona at Carolina (-2): Both of these teams stink, and I should probably run away from this game. But, I'm going with the theory that the Panthers should NEVER be favored -- unless they are playing the local high school JV. Pick: Cardinals

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Last Week: 3-2
Season Record: 18-17