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Rex Ryan: 'I Feel Great About Our Team'

Give New York Jets coach Rex Ryan some credit. Two straight bad losses have not dimmed his optimism, or made him re-think some of the brash things he has said about his team during the past few months.

Ryan was on the ' Michael Kay Show' on ESPN Radio New York Monday, and he talked about his, which is now 9-4 after losing to New England and Miami. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript. Excerpts are after the jump.

On if any doubt has started to set in after the Jets’ two recent losses:

"No there’s no doubt. I feel great about our team, and the reason I say that is because when you watch the tape, there’s things that are correctable, and a lot of things. That’s why I feel that we just got to get a big win. I think if we can get a big win that will catapult us into doing what we can do. So I’m encouraged that I really believe we can get better."

On if he thinks Mark Sanchez is regressing with his development:

"I think he’s got to get back to his fundamentals, and more than anything else – and it’s an old football cliche or whatever – but when all else fails, go back to your fundamentals and technique regardless of the position, but especially at quarterback. Like some of his throws, like Mark is not an inaccurate quarterback, but if your body is not in position to make a throw, then you’re not going to be accurate. So it’s about him going back, hitting his steps, positioning his body in a position where he can make an accurate throw. So you know, get back to those fundamentals, if it’s a seven step drop, hit your steps, take all that type of stuff, and I think he’ll get back to a place where he is more accurate."

On Sal Alosi tripping a Dolphins’ special teams player in the middle of a play:

"Well I think it’s got no place in the game something like that. Sal, to his credit, he stepped up immediately, took responsibility of it. I mean, I was shocked when I was told about it. I still haven’t seen it from a TV angle, I just saw it from the coach’s tape, but it was a mistake. It was fortunate that the young man never got seriously injured from something like that. But it has no place in the game."

On if he regrets all the bold talking if it seemingly makes other teams more motivated to beat the Jets:

"No, here’s one thing: I don’t think I’ve ever said a negative word about an opponent. I talk about my team. I believe my football team is an outstanding team, I think we have a lot of talent, I think we’re well coached, I think we have a great organization. And that’s never going to change, because I believe it, that’s what I’m a part of, but I’ve never said a bad remark about an opposing team. I’m going to be myself, I believe in this group, even they’re going to to be some people who want to jump off the bandwagon and all that, I think we’ll get it done.  I think we’ll get it done this year, and the year’s not over. So we’ll see when it’s all said and done. I opened myself up for criticism and all that kind of stuff, and if we don’t succeed, it’s going to fall on one person, and that’s me, and that’s who it should fall on."