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Bart Scott Calls Lions 'Dirtiest Team I've Played Against'

Considering all the talking the New York Jets have done in recent months, you can expect things to get a little chippy sometimes when they play rivals like the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens or Miami Dolphins.

But, the Detroit Lions? Seems the Jets and Lions are not too happy with each other following Sunday’s 23-20 overtime victory by the Jets.

“They are the dirtiest team I’ve played against,‘’ [Jets linebacker Bart] Scott said. "Hitting after plays. Taking knees out. Diving at people’s knees. Trying to spear people in the back."

Scott said the Lions’ behavior had nothing to do with effort and heart for a team that, like its city, is trying to come back from a depressed era.

“That’s trying to be a fake tough guy,‘’ Scott said. "If that’s the case, put us all in a cage and let us go see who comes out on top. Man, I hope they schedule us next year.’’

Bart Scott talks too much,‘’ [Lions center Dominic] Raiola said. "He needs to shut up. Him and Jason Taylor talk too much. They’re just b**ching to the refs all game. It wasn’t that we’re playing dirty. Shut up and play football.’’

Maybe it is too bad these two teams are unlikely to play again for a couple of years.