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Braylon Edwards: Mark Sanchez Can't Criticize Receivers

Braylon Edwards obviously has no trouble criticizing his fellow New York Jets wide receivers. When it comes to quarterback Mark Sanchez, though, Edwards does not want to hear anything from the Jets quarterback.

Edwards told ESPN New York on Thursday that Sanchez, the second-year quarterback, has not yet earned the right to be critical of his teammates.

“Once a quarterback gets to a certain point, where his mistakes are far and few between … it’s hard to be that (critical) when your mistakes are at a substantial level,” Edwards said. "That happens with more experience. That happens with more consistency. Then you get that respect when it becomes second nature.

“Hey, a guy drops a pass, (you say), ‘You gotta catch that for me.’ It’s the same when a guy runs the wrong route or gets the wrong depth or a lineman jumps offsides. Then, that’s when it’s, ‘Hey, man, I need you. You can’t be doing that stuff.’ The Peyton Mannings of the world (can say that). It takes consistency.”

I am not sure exactly what brought that remark on. Sanchez, at least publicly, has not said anything critical of the Jets receivers whatsoever. I understand the sentiment — it took Eli Manning a few seasons to develop that type of credibility with the New York Giants, too.

I am just surprised Edwards even brought it up.