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NFL Picks, Week 12: Take The Jets, But Not The Giants

I am hiding my head in shame after going 0-5 in my NFL selections last week. What an utter disaster! Why are you people listening to me? Or, maybe you aren't. In which case, good for you. That abysmal failure puts me under .500 at 8-12 on my selections thus far this season.

Anyway, I am back to try and redeem myself this week. Here are my NFL Week 12 predictions. My crystal ball is very, very ashamed of itself so hopefully it will do better this time around. As always, I will pick the New York Jets and new York Giants games, and three other contests.

So, here goes.

Jets (-9) vs. Cincinnati: Last week I said I thought it was time for Rex Ryan's crew to manhandle an inferior team rather than squeak by. That didn't happen. Well, I still think it's time. The Jets are 8-2, the bumbling Bengals are 2-8 and Terrell Owens is talking junk about both his team and Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Neither of those is a good idea, by the way. Sooner or later, the Jets are going to blow somebody out. I think they do it to the Bengals Thanksgiving night. Pick: Jets

Giants (-9) vs. Jacksonville: The Giants have lost two in a row and have a offense decimated by injuries. Yes, they are at home Sunday, but Jacksonville has won three straight. The Giants will win, but they never make anything easy -- especially with their beaten-up offense. Pick: Jaguars

Now, on to the remaining three games for this week. Since this is the Thanksgiving edition of my futile selections, I might as well pick the Thanksgiving Day games. so, here goes.

Patriots (-7) at Lions: The Patriots are 8-2 and thought by some to be the best team in football. The Lions are 2-8, have lost three straight and are quarterbacked by Shaun Hill. Yes, Detroit is at home where it plays better, but the Patriots are a tall order for the young Lions. Pick: Patriots

Saints (-1) at Cowboys: The 3-7 Cowboys are feeling much better about themselves after winning two straight since Jason Garrett took over as head coach from Wade Phillips. The 7-3 Saints have won three straight. To be honest, this is an emotional pick for me. I really want somebody to spank the Cowboys. So ... Pick: Saints

Now, for my final choice of the week.

Vikings at Redskins (-3.5): Call this one the 'Jason Garrett Theory.' The Cowboys have gone 2-0 since Garrett took over, and this week the Vikings canned Brad Childress and replaced him with Leslie Frazier. The Vikings have a host of problems and I still don't think they are going anywhere, but maybe they get at least a one-week bump from the move. Pick: Vikings

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Last Week: 0-5
Season Record: 8-12